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Citidel Flash utils (for writing to the flash bootdisk inside the citadel):

Note: I am having problems with SourceForge, so only the precompiled version of ETC is available at this time. The only change in ETC between version is contained in the src directory, which is included with the binary release.

ETC binary distribution. This is probably all most people need to get to the Citadel running ETC.

ETC Source Distribution package, contains everything you need to rebuild the ETC system from scratch (23Mb).

Demo scripts

We'll try to gather together some example scripts for use with ETC. If the script has a checkbox in the demo column you can click and experiment with the script on-line.

Script Name Description View Source Download Online Demo
Demo Creates a cursor that moves to the point where the screen was last touched. View Download Demo

The ETC simulator Javascripts used by the Demo page above can also be used in a standalone configuration to test your own scripts. You can download the html file by right clicking a selecting "Save As" here.